Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Screen Printing

To create this poster design I used two separate images, one of Chris Brown and the other of a rhino. I edited both images separately, by adding some effects such as desaturating and using the smart sharpen tool to get the pix elated look. For the image of Chris Brown I had to erase the head so it would not be visible in the final outcome. In the rhino image I had to erase everything except for the rhino head, so that I could copy it in to the Chris Brown document and put it in place of his head. 

I think my final outcome worked better than I expected it to as the rhino head fits quite well onto the body and doesn't look too fake or out of place. However I wouldn't like to develop this idea further as the style wouldn't suit any of my chosen artists..

Monday, 2 July 2012


This is my paper cut out in the style of Rob Ryan. I used the title of the Trey Songz album 'Passion, Pain and Pleasure' in the middle and then drew random shapes and made bridges across so when I cut it all out it wouldn't fall apart.


This is my stencil of Trey Songz:

I had trouble creating my stencil as I had to cut out the opposite sections to which I should have, this is because there would be too many loose pieces and it wouldn't be possible to link them all together. I would like to have another go at making a stencil as I was not happy with how this one turned out.