Have you collected primary visual research relating to your exam theme such as observational drawings and photographs? Are these on your blog? Yes, I visited the Hayward gallery, Pick me up exhibition and collected photographs from my holiday to Kenya.

Have you explored and developed your ideas imaginatively? How have you demonstrated this? Yes

Have you researched a diverse range of artwork and completed this on your blog? Who have you analysed? Is your analysis in-depth? Yes, Andy Potts, Danny Alison, Zoe More O'Ferall, Yulia Brodskaya. Yes

Have you experimented with a wide range of techniques both handmade and computer generated? Which techniques have you used? Yes, lino printing, sketching, spray painting, chalk, photography, rubbings, embossing, felt tips, paper installation, collage, patterns, editing in photoshop

Have you refined / developed your outcomes through experimentation? How? Yes, choosing my favourite ideas and experimenting with them further and making changes to them to improve them.

Have you written in detail about your experiments and developments on your blog and used this information to help you improve? Yes

Have you taken imaginative leaps/ shown a sense of discovery/ willingness to take risks in your work? If so how? If not, how can you do this? Develop ideas further, produce outcomes

Have you shown enthusiasm and imagination in your work? If so, how? If not, how can you make changes to do this? Yes by trying out lots of different techniques 

Have you created work that is exciting and original? If so, how? If not, what can you do to improve this area? Yes

Have you annotated your blog thoroughly throughout? Yes

Have you practised with your exam outcomes by creating mock-ups? Are your outcomes skilful/ well constructed? Yes

Have you created an exam plan? Yes

My minimum target grade is a B and my ALIS grade is C.