Thursday 18 April 2013

Darkroom Experiments

For this experiment I used the darkroom to create these prints. Using different techniques such as photogram's of different parts of a skeleton and two of my typography pieces. I also did reversals of some of my zine page experiments and the photographs I took of the skeleton. Finally I covered my hand in developer to create the hand print effect. I enjoyed using these techniques, especially the photogram experiments as they came out really well. To improve this experiment I could try printing the photocopies of my work onto tracing paper so that the design and detail would come out clearer. However I don't think i'd like to take this idea forward for my work.

The reason I tried out this idea was to see if I could incorporate the black and white images into the background layer of my zine that I could then work on top of with other materials. I came up with this idea as I am also a photography student and thought some of the techniques might work well.

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