Monday, 31 December 2012

T-Shirt Development

I decided to develop two of the t shirt ideas by using typography experiments and part of my final poster to make the designs. I then put them both onto separate t-shirt templates so I could see which one looked the best.

From this I decided to carry on developing the circular design as I didn't like the other design so much as it looked quite messy and the colours weren't as clear.

I added a second layer behind the circle design to add an explosion effect and to roughen up the edges as it was looking a bit boring. I also decided that I wanted to add the line up of the music festival to the back of the t-shirt. 

To develop this idea further I need to play around with the typography as I have only used Tahoma at the moment to get the feel of what the design will look like so I know if I like it or not.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Spray Paint Experiments

This is a spray paint technique I wanted to try out that I could possibly use to make my t-shirt design. Using a piece of card cut into the shape of the words so I could spray over the top and get this effect that could link to my explosion effect on the poster.

In Photoshop I changed the hue/saturation to get this effect:

Saturday, 29 December 2012

T-Shirt Development

These are my three favourite ideas that I have chosen to develop in order to find out which one works best. I developed them by adding colour, improving the typography and making them fit into a box to help give a feel of what they will look like on the t-shirt. I really like number 3 but I feel I number 2 has the most potential and it also fits in with the circular theme throughout my work so far. Therefore I will be developing this idea for my final outcome.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Initial T-Shirt Ideas

David Reno Analysis

David Reno is a Graphic designer from Brazil. The design is a piece of typography made for a T-Shirt that may be sold in shops etc. I have chosen to look at this piece as I want to make a similar kind of T-shirt for my music festival brief. 
The theme of the artwork is music/typography, I know this as it is a simple design that contains a quote about music in a big font. The designer could have got inspiration from a song or a quote from someone. 
The designer probably used a heat press to print the design onto the t-shirt. To create the typography he would've used a program like Illustrator. He uses three bold colours within the typography, that have a strong contrast between them using a different colour for each line. The t-shirt is plain white so that the typography stands out from it and so that the colours are all seen as he intended.
My first reaction to the piece is that it is a bit plain because there is a lack of detail and depth to the design but the bold colours used still make it effective as it stands out well. I like this design and would like to use a similar technique for my own, however I would like to add in more detail to make it more exciting as it is being made for a music festival. 

Another t-shirt design similar to this is the Frankie says relax t-shirt below:

This is another plain design that features a quote on the front in a big bold font. However this design had no colour added to it to make it stand out or look more attractive it is kept as simple as possible. 

Friday, 21 December 2012

Star Helena Net

This is a basic net of the 'star helena' origami piece that I will be using for my final mail out. This is to help me work out the layout I want to go on each side of the paper.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Origami experiments

These are a couple of origami pieces that I made. I chose them as I think they are both very effective in different ways as the chatter box is more fun to use where as the Star Helena is more eye catching. 


Star Helena:

From doing these experiments I decided that I like the Star Helena better and would like to develop on this idea by adding surface design to it. 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Paper cutting

These are a couple of my paper cutting experiments:

I wanted to experiment with this technique to help me decide what type of mail out I wanted to create. I like the idea but I think it looks quite boring and doesn't go with my music festival theme therefore I will not be using this idea.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Initial Mail Out Ideas


1. This idea is a one page pop up book/card to advertise the music festival. When it is opened important information and pictures will pop out at the reader.
2. This is a circular piece with a smaller circle inside that the user can spin around so that different artists are revealed through the cut out strip.
3. This has two separate parts to it, the inside piece that has two flaps/doors that open to show information inside and the cover that slides over the top. This piece contains a window that shows through to the pattern on the inside piece.
4. This is a small rectangular box that has a piece of paper that can be pulled out to reveal the line up and information about the music festival.
5. This idea is a push and pull card with a window on the cover that show through to the colour underneath.
6. This is a leaflet made out of circles that fold back to back.

My favourite ideas are numbers 1,3 and 5.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Final Poster

This is my final poster design:

I added in the handmade typography to the bottom of the poster, filling it with white to make it brighter. I also added in an extra layer to the background, using a nebula stock image to give a stary night look to it. I am happy with this piece as the colours all work really well together to give my music festival its own style and make it stand out. 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Handmade Typography

The top piece of typography was an experiment for the title of the poster to see if it could be improved any further. From this I decided that I wanted to keep it how it was originally as it already works effectively.

This bottom piece is made to go across the bottom of the poster to advertise the date and act list of the music festival. I want to develop this further by opening it in Photoshop or Illustrator to edit it and improve the colour etc.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Further Poster Development

In This design I added in a crowd silhouette to the bottom instead of the boring rectangle that look out of place. I also added in a vignette to darken the edges of the poster and make the bright pink colour of the explosion stand out, along with the typography that I have made bigger.

To develop this idea further I need to change the boring font used for the line up at the bottom of the page to something handmade that will stand out more.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Poster Development

For these designs I decided to use some of the layers from my previous typography experiment. I added in the scrunched up paper for the background layer so it is less plain. I then added in some abstract shapes, lines and circles to fill up the space. 

For this design I used the explosion effect behind the drawings and typography to make them stand out. I also used the abstract shapes and circles for this idea to fill up the empty space.

I like the second idea best and would like to develop this further for my final poster design. To develop it further I need to change the colours slightly as it is currently not standing out very well. 

Sunday, 9 December 2012


I wanted to experiment with adding some textures into my design.

Acrylic paint textures, made using brushes and tissue:


Scrunched up paper:

Photograph of a cushion pattern:


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Poster experiments

For this design I decided to try a different technique, to get a much sharper finish. I scanned in the original images of the objects and live traced them all in Illustrator so I could then add them all individually into the Photoshop file. I used the typography from one of my previous experiments and warped it slightly to make the circle look more 3D. I also used the sound wave effect that I created previously to add to the background, I made this multicoloured to match the summer theme. 

For this image I changed the colour of the circle to be yellow, like the sun and the line up strip to be a light blue.

As an experiment I added in the explosion effect that I created, over the top of the circle, this made the background of the design black. I also changed the strip at the bottom to be black. I like the explosion effect as I feel it adds more excitement to the poster but the colours would need to be changed as they are too dark.

I would like to develop this idea further by adding in more layers and adjusting the colours.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Hennie Haworth Inspired Experiment

To create this piece of work I used the drawings I did of objects that relate to music festivals. Using a piece of tracing paper I drew a circle in the middle and traced over the drawings to make it look like they are coming out of the bubble. 

Next I scanned in the drawing, cleared it up in Photoshop and then used the live trace tool in Illustrator to add the colour and make the lines clearer. I decided to use summery colours like Hennie Haworth has used so that it relates to my summer music festival.

I like this piece of artwork but it is currently looking a bit dull. To develop it I need to experiment with different typography, add in a background to give it some depth and maybe add some textures.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Hennie Haworth Analysis

This illustration is made by Hennie Haworth, for Annabelle magazine's summer special, based around Italy. Hennie Haworth is a freelance illustrator that lives and works in London, after she studied illustration at brighton university. I chose to analyse this piece as I am looking to create something similar.
I looked at Hennie Haworth's website to find what the work was made for and to also find out some more information about her. The theme of the work is Summer and Italy, I knew this because the colours used are happy, summery colours, it was made for a magazines summer special, it said on her website that it was based around Italy and the illustrations all relate to Italy in some way. 
Pens and pencils have been used to draw the illustrations, some have been coloured in but others are left as outlines. They have then been scanned into the computer and layered up on each other to get this effect. The circle in the middle with the writing has been made on the computer, most likely in illustrator. Bright, fun colours have been used to represent the summer theme. 
I like this artists work as it gives a fun element to the designs and the little illustrations are really detailed and I like the way she uses different materials to create them. The colours used also make it look really stylish. I would like to use the idea of using lots of different illustrations and building them up in Photoshop or Illustrator for my final poster.

Here are some more examples of her work:

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Typography Experiment

These are some typography experiments that I made in photoshop by following a tutorial.

I used a piece of paper that had been scrunched up for the background layer, too add texture. For the text I used a bold black font, that i then edited by making the letters closer together so that they overlap. I then added a fade effect on some of the letters by using triangle shapes and the blend tool. For the next layer i added in a nebula stock image on part of the text, changed the blend mode to screen and erased some of the image so that i was only left with the parts that covered the letters, this gave a spacey look. To add to the spacey look i added in the explosion effect that i previously created in photoshop but i changed the colour of it to be pink so that it would match the rest of the design. In the layers below i added some abstract shapes, a couple with a purple to pink gradient and a couple without any fill. 

For this design i used the same techniques as the experiment above but i removed the abstract shapes and i changed the background to black. This made the pink explosion effect much brighter and more effective.

I would possibly like to develop this idea further but I would need to change the colours as they currently make the design look like its made for a night time/ winter themed music festival but my music festival will be held in summer. 

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Developed Ideas

For the first idea i decided to make it portrait so that i could fit more across the page without it look crowded. I also added in a banner across the bottom of the poster where the details and line up for the music festival are featured. This is my favourite design out of the three. To improve this I need to experiment with colours, textures and different techniques i could use for the final poster.
For the second idea i added in the stage from one of the other initial ideas and added the line up list within it. This idea has a very poppy feel to it which would work well with my music theme but the design is too simple. 
The last design would work best if it was made in photoshop using lots of different layers, filters and effects. I would like to develop this idea further to see how it works out.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Initial Poster Ideas

These are my 10 initial ideas for my music festival poster:

My favourite ideas are the top left on the first page, top right and the top right on the second page. I would like to develop these further to find out which one works and looks best.  

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Photoshop experiments

These are all effects that I have created in Photoshop by following/watching tutorials that I found on the internet.


Sound wave:

Smoky Typography:

Electric swirls: