Thursday 31 January 2013


The brief we were given for the 'personal project' was to create an outcome that somehow relates to the 'CD Packaging' project. We had to then create our own brief for a subject of our choice. My chosen brief was to create a poster, ticket, mail out and t-shirt for a music festival.

At the beginning of the project I came up with 5 different initial ideas for what I could do for my personal project, which were t-shirts, a gift box, a music video, CD advertising and concert merchandise. To narrow this down I chose my two favourite ideas and made mood boards for each to help me decide which idea I liked best. From this I decided I wanted to develop the concert merchandise idea by making a poster, mail out, ticket and T-shirt for a music festival. Next I analysed Ken Taylor and Luke Lucas, created a mind map and collected secondary imagery to inspire my ideas for the project. After creating my initial idea sheets I followed some tutorials on youtube on how to create different effects in Photoshop such as explosions and sound waves. I then started creating my poster in Photoshop using these experiments in different layers and adding in my drawings of objects related to music festivals. Once I finished my poster design I used the same colours and textures to create my ticket, mail out and t-shirt.  

Luke Lucas and Hennie Haworth were my main inspirations for my music festival poster and surface designs for my other outcomes. David Reno and Ken Taylor inspired my final t-shirt design.

I think my outcomes work well as they all run with the same theme of colours, textures and make the brand recognizable. My favourite outcome is the poster as it is eye catching and portrays the event well. 

To improve my outcomes I could have improved the mail out by improving the outside surface design and make it promote the festival more by having a small gift inside such as stickers or badges. I also feel I could improve the poster outcome by developing the typography along the bottom. 

Overall I really enjoyed the project as we got to choose our own brief which gave us a big choice of what we could do. In the future I would like to develop my Photoshop and Illustration skills further along with my 3D making skills. 

Thursday 10 January 2013

Further Ticket Development

I added a white strip across the bottom of the ticket which I changed the opacity of slightly and placed the typography across it so it stands out well because of the strong contrast in colour. I also added a white rectangle at one end of the ticket that will be ripped off when attending the music festival. This contains a bar code and the price of the ticket. To develop this idea further I need to improve the typography as it is very basic at the moment and I also need to design the back of the ticket.

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Ticket Development

I used a few layers from my poster design to make the background of these ticket ideas, by dragging the image in and using the clipping mask tool to make it fill the different shapes. My favourite idea is the classic rectangle ticket shape. To develop this I need to get rid of the white box around the writing and change the composition.

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Initial Ticket Ideas

These are my initial ideas for my music festival ticket:

My favourites that I would like to develop are 1,2 and 5. To do this I need to add colour and information and make them match the look of the rest of my outcomes.