Monday 27 August 2012


This is my stencil of a stereo that I cut out on green card:

Once I finished cutting out the stencil I spray painted over it in black.

The image didn't come out very well as not all the piece were connected, so when I sprayed them with the paint they moved. To improve this I would need to make sure all the pieces will stay connected when i cut them out so the image will come out clearly and not have any parts missing.

Sunday 26 August 2012


For this collage I printed a picture of Rihanna out from the internet for the top layer. For the background of the collage I cut out lots of different colours, patterns and designs from various magazines, that I built up around the edge of where the picture would lay.

I think this image looks nice, but is very basic and easy to do so I wouldn't want to use it for my work.

Saturday 25 August 2012

Still Life

This is a photograph of my still life piece, I decided to use red roses to make up a heart shape outline to represent the meaning/theme of my song choices.

I then had to sketch the still life. 

Tuesday 14 August 2012


This is my paper cut out in the style of Owen Gildersleeve. I used different layers of different coloured card to cut out the lyrics of the Chris Brown song, 'dont wake me up', using a craft knife. I also tried to use some imagery to represent some of the lyrics in the song. 


This typography piece is in the style of Hennie Haworth. I wrote out different words relating to my song choices, using different materials such as biro, felt tip, crayon, chalk and fine liner in different font styles. 

This is my typography piece in the style of Stefan sagmeister. I wrote over the top of a magazine picture of Rihanna in biro pen, using lyrics from her song 'California King Bed'. 


This is my sketch of Chris Brown, an artist I considered using for my album project.

We also had to draw a picture of an instrument, so I drew my acoustic guitar.