Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Unit 2, Encounters, experiences and meetings: Evaluation

My chosen brief was on illustration, our task was to create a set of 5 illustrations to give a guide to a place of our choice, with the theme being travel/transport/holidays. At first I chose to create a set of 5 posters for Kenya, but changed it to be set of 3 posters and leaflet to make it more exciting and a challenge. The reason I decided to pick Kenya was because of my trip on safari there that inspired me a lot and I also had lots of photographs to work from, I used these to help give me ideas.
At first I started with 5 possible places to base my illustrations on; New York, Paris, Italy, London and Kenya. After experimenting with some different illustrations from each, creating 3 initial idea sheets on posters, postcards and stamps and looking at the work of other designers, I decided to choose Kenya for my final as it is the most inspiring, its a lot different from other places that would mostly be based on city landmarks and I have been on holiday there myself. From this I also chose to make posters for my final piece. I then experimented with lots of different techniques and illustrations to do with Kenya such as; lino printing with African patterns, city paper installations, paper rubbing/embossing of an elephant, spray painting and many others, to help me narrow down my ideas. Next I made my decision on what illustrations I would use for my final posters, I chose 5 images of different animals (lions, giraffes, a rhino, zebra and elephants) that I then sketched. I then experimented with these drawings with more techniques, such as; zebra spray paint, drawing African patterns into the pictures, using felt tips, paper collage and edits in Photoshop. I also visited the 'Pick me up' exhibition and Hayward gallery in between to give me inspiration to help develop my ideas further. From this experimentation I decided that I wanted to develop my idea in Photoshop for my final piece. Finally the last major change that I made to my work was that I would make 3 posters and a leaflet instead of 5 posters.
Danny Alison is my main inspiration for my design but I also got a couple of my ideas from Chris Ede and Miles Donovan. From looking at Danny Alison's work that I really liked a lot made me want to make something similar to it using the same kind of techniques in Photoshop and using different textures in the background. As experimentation I created two different images, one in the style of Chris Ede and the other in the style of Miles Donovan. From doing this I learnt different techniques I could use in Photoshop and gained some extra ideas, such as applying different effects to images and using the threshold to add depth to the image. 

 I am very happy with my final poster outcomes as I think they worked how I wanted them to and they look bright and effective. I think the background texture used on the posters and leaflet worked very well as it gave a good effect to the design, its unique, matches with the African theme and the colours used could symbolize the heat of the country. The photographs of animals that I edited in Photoshop using the ideas of different effects that I got from Chris Ede and Miles Donovan's work also worked well as they give a slight handmade painting effect rather than a plain picture cut out. I am not as happy with my final leaflet outcome as the photographs i added into it don't show up that well, as i used the multiply blend which made them look dark. 
To improve my posters I would develop the logo and typography of the slogan to make them look more skilfully made and make them stand out better from the rest of the poster. To improve my leaflet i would change the look of the photographs i sued by using a different blend or effect added to them so the colours are more clear and so that they stand out better.

Overall I enjoyed using/learning lots of different techniques and materials and learning new skills in Photoshop which I found very useful and will help in future tasks as I have a wider range of skills. I would like to make more posters in the future as I find it fun and there is a lot you can do with them.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Unit 2, Encounters, experiences and meetings: Final Leaflet

Unit 2, Encounters, experiences and meetings: Final Posters

How I made these posters:

Layer 1. Plain grey fill.
2. Handmade ink and salt texture background.
3. hue/saturation effect to make the background colours slightly darker but more powerful.
4. Felt tip drawing of Africa that I filled in black and then added the 'soft light' blend to.
5. Handmade patterns drawn in black felt tipwith the 'multiply' blend .
6. Black felt tip drawing of a plane with the 'multiply' blend and the opacity changed to 80%.
7. African symbol drawn in felt tip pen with the 'multiply' blend and the opacity changed down to 70%.
8. Handmade typography, 'Kenya' with the 'multiply' blend.
9. The slogan made using the text tool and the font- Stencil.
10. Picture of the animal (with the background already erased) with the Artistic- Dry brush effect applied to it.
11. Duplicate layer of the animal with the threshold effect applied.
12. Handmade Ink splats added into the background with the 'multiply' blend selected.
13. Black spray paint effect with the 'multiply' blend.
14. The dry brush effect I created by hand with acrylic paint, with the 'multiply' blend.
15. Logo that I created in Illustrator added at the bottom.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Unit 2, Encounters, experiences and meetings: Exam Plan

This is my plan for the exam to help me keep on track and to know what I should be doing, throughout the two days, to make sure that I get everything finished in time. It also includes what materials and mac access I will need to complete my final piece. I have written a list of all the tasks that I will complete for each day giving each an estimated time that it should take. 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Unit 2, Encounters, experiences and meetings: Logo ideas

These are some logo ideas that I have come up with for adding to my posters and leaflet.

My favourite design is the one in the top left corner because it has the Kenyan flag in the background, looks the most effective and stands out from the rest of the ideas. I will develop this by adding in colour and creating it in Illustrator.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Unit 2, Encounters, experiences and meetings: Leaflet Development

I developed the leaflet further by creating it in Photoshop, adding in more detail, pictures and texture. The idea of this was to make it match the 3 poster designs so they look similar.

I used the same background textures as from the posters, but added in different pictures and drawings that relate to the information in the leaflet and I also added in some contact details on the back. At the moment I dislike this idea as the pages containing the information are too dark and it is hard to read it or see the images clearly. Also the pages don't look very exciting as the dull colours make it seem boring.
To make this idea better I need to make the colours used brighter and more similar to the ones used on the posters, possibly decrease the opacity of the background layer so it is not so overpowering and add some more colours. I could also add in a logo and slogan to the leaflet to make it seem more realistic/formal as most of the leaflets that I looked at all contain them.