Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Unit 2, Encounters, experiences and meetings: Analysis

This paper installation is made by Yulia Brodskaya. She was born in Russia but moved to the UK in 2004 where she studied an MA in Graphic Communication at the University of Hertfordshire. She then went on to make lots of paper illustrations for clients all over the world such as Nokia, Starbucks, Orange, Cadbury and many others. 
The art work is made up of lots of different techniques using paper such as folding, cutting, bending and layering. The artist chose to use these material as it is the same style/technique she uses throughout all of her work and is what she's internationally known for. 
I really like this piece because it is so detailed and unusual, it also shows that she has spent lots of time and effort on it.

Unit 2, Encounters, Experiences and Meetings: Analysis

 Sydney Opera house- Art installation by Darcy Prendergast & friends

The purpose of this piece is an advertisement for staples and also features a competition at the end. The piece is detailed, 3D, landscape, colourful and original.
The artist has used lots of different bright colours in the installation as he has used various items of stationary to make up the piece, these colours help to make it more attractive and give a happy feel to the piece. The colours of the stationary are used to represent different buildings and objects as well as scenery. For example the blue post it notes symbolize the colour of the river in the installation.
Materials used: paper, card, cardboard, glue, pencils, pens, tape, rubber bands, post it notes, paper clips, rulers, string, tipex, crayons, marker, pins, clips, foam, double sided tape, coloured pencils, carving knife and scissors.
I like this piece because it is very detailed, skilful and colourful.

Unit 2, Observational Studies

These are my observational studies of different travel objects that were on the table in front of me. we used a range of materials to draw with such as chalk, pens, pencils and fine liners, we also used different coloured paper to draw on.

Here I used a sheet of tracing paper and a fine liner to trace over the front of a passport, an oyster card, underground map and a picture of Buckingham Palace.
These are my own drawings that I had done previously I then chose my favourites and traced over them:

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Unit 2, Encounters, experiences and meetings: Researching and Recording

After sketching each of the landmarks/interesting visiting points i had to recreate them all using different techniques and materials. For my first idea i used chalk:

Pieces of paper from magazines:

black biro pen:

Typography with a black fine liner:

small crosses with different coloured pens:

Unit 2, Encounters, experiences and meetings: Researching and Recording

I sketched 1 landmark or interesting visiting point for each of my chosen travel destinations. I chose to draw the Leaning Tower of Pisa for Italy, the Eiffel Tower for Paris, Statue of Liberty for New York, an Elephant for Kenya and Big Ben for London.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Unit 2, Encounters, Experience and Meetings: Researching and Recording

For this task I had to collect 5 different travel tickets. Here I have a bus pass, two different rail cards, a tram ticket and an air plane ticket.

Unit 2, Encounters, experiences and meetings: Researching and Recording

For the first task i collected 5 different postcards I had received from people or that i had collected myself from various locations (London, Paris, Egypt and Kenya).                                      

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Unit 2, Encounters, experiences and meetings: Illustration analysis

This piece was made by Andy Potts in 2011 for an illustration competition run by AOI and London Transport museum. Andy Potts is a illustrator/animator from the West Midlands, he graduated from Portsmouth in 1995 with a BA hons degree in illustration. The image is an illustration of what London has to offer. You can tell by looking at the picture that it has been made fairly recently because it is quite a modern piece and shows the modern day London.
The theme of the piece is London transport as the image clearly shows it is all based around this. Andy Potts website helps us to understand more about this image as it tells us what it was made for and where it will be used. The image represents all the different types of transport used around London and also features some landmarks/visiting places in London. The colour of the image could symbolize the colour of water and the was the image is set up could symbolize the flow of water/river. 
Andy Potts has used a variety of different shades of blue for most of the picture to represent the colour of water as the subject of the piece is 'rivers'. The light colours are also very calming/relaxing. Some orange and red has been added into the piece , this could be to make certain parts stand out more or to add a variation of colour to make it more interesting. The image was most likely made using handmade drawings, Adobe Illustrator and photography that has then been edited and layered up in Photoshop. I think Andy Potts chose to use these materials as it would make the image more effective and skilful. The composition is structured so that all the areas flow in to one another like water. There is a sense of movement within the image where the water is splashing out from the back of the boat at the top and also the different coloured lines of blue that flow into each other with the public transport vehicles featured on them. The scale of the image is better bigger so you can see the smaller detail within the bigger picture.
I like the picture as it is unusual, cleverly made and a lot of skill/thought has gone into it. It is quite a calm and happy piece because of the colours that has been used and the shape of the blue lines. The orange sun at the top along with the splash of water draw the most attention as they are bright and different from the style used throughout the rest of the piece.

This painting was made by Danny Allison. Danny Allison is a freelance editorial and advertising illustrator and photographer, he studied at the University of Central Lancashire. This painting is most likely for a poster or advertisement. 
The title of the work is unknown but it has an African theme based around the wildlife. Danny Allison is representing some of the main attractions that Africa has to offer; the big lion, zebra, giraffe and sunset.
The colours used in the picture are very dark and natural colours most likely used to represent the colours of African nature and to match the animal colours. For example the lion in the centre is a mixture of orange, black and white. The silhouette of Africa is in red to symbolize the heat, danger or passion. The dark reddish background along with the orange sun and silhouette of a giraffe in front represent the African sunset. The dark green in the background could symbolize the colour of nature or growth. The picture was made using paints and maybe some chalks and inks. I think the artist chose these materials as they are handmade techniques and also paintings are very popular in African culture because they are a natural resource. The composition is designed so that all the parts relate to each other and create a better picture. He has used texture throughout the whole piece to give it a more natural feel. There is also a lot of colour toning to help blend the colours together and to create a more realistic effect. The zebra featured in the picture have been given a sense of movement to make them look as if they are running away from the lion.
I really like this picture as it is very bold and the colours that are used are very effective. The lion in the centre of the piece draws the most attention as it takes up the majority of the picture.

This is an illustration by Zoe more O'Ferall of landmarks and attractions in London. Zoe More O'Ferall is a london based illustrator that loves drawing with pen, crayon and felt tip. She studied at The University of the Arts London and completed a post graduate course at Central Saint Martins. 
The title of the work is unknown but the theme of the piece is London attractions. 
The artist uses very little colour in the piece, with only black, red and orange being shown. The buildings in the background along with the wall and lamp posts are drawn using black pen. The bus and the underground sign have been coloured in, this is most likely because the subject of the piece is about transport so the artist wanted them to stand out the most. I think the artist chose to use these materials as it is there own style that they use throughout all of there work. It was made using handmade drawings with pen that have been layered up over each other. 
I like this piece as it is different from other drawings, the technique and the colours used are very affect and there is quite a lot of detail go into it.

Unit 2, Encounters, experiences and meetings: My exam Brief

I chose this brief because it looks the most appealing and I would like to improve on my drawing skills. For my research I plan on looking at different cities, locations and other artists posters, pictures etc. The artists/designers i will be looking at are Danny Allison, Hennie Haworth and  Andy Potts. I plan on experimenting with a range of materials/techniques such as pencils, pens, chalk, photography and adobe illustrator/photoshop. The outcome I plan on making will be of 5 different illustrations based on different cities or towns.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Unit 2, Encounters, experiences and meetings: Moodboards

These are my moodboards, one for each brief including different pictures about each one. this is to help me choose which brief I want to choose as my final.

Unit 2, Encounters, experiences and meetings: Mindmap

This is my Mindmap about each of the different briefs to help me choose which one I want to do and to give me ideas for what I could do.