Thursday 25 April 2013

Pick Me Up

I visited the 'Pick Me Up' Exhibition at Somerset house, London to view the graphic design work to try and get inspiration for my own work and to see what artists/designers I like.

The work below is by Hattie Stewart:

I found her work the most inspiring and I loved the way it was presented on the wall. It has a really powerful effect on the framed work, as it is a black and white contrast and then the bold colours within the work draw you in even more. All of these pieces of work are magazine covers that she has edited by drawing into them.

Malika Favre:

The alphabet made out of two people that seem to be dancing. The artist has used red and yellow to help make it clear that there is two people in each letter. This relates to my theme well and I could possibly use a similar idea to create my own typography from the human body.

Brothers of The Stripe:


I really love this screen printing technique and hope to try it out sometime in the future. However it still inspires me to try adding more typography into my current zine idea, for example printing random letters or words onto the background before working on to the surface. 


I chose to photograph these two images as they relate to my human body theme and I really like them both.

I found this exhibition really useful as it has given me lots of ideas for this project and for the future that I would like to try out.

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