Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Zine experiments

These are my experiments for a few of my zine pages:

For this page I drew some muscles on the background in black Biro to represent the typography and then dabbed on some brown acrylic paint with a tissue to get a rustic effect. Next I added a picture I photocopied of muscle on the body in the bottom right hand corner. I decided to create the typography on a piece of tracing paper so that it will be clear to read but so you can also see through to the drawing underneath. Finally i stitched into the page with red thread to represent the muscles fibres. To improve this I would remove the image in the bottom right hand corner as it doesn't work well with the page and takes your attention away from the typography as it stands out to much.

For this page I used the end of a pencil to paint on the brown dots with acrylic paint for the background. Once this was dry I painted over the top with white paint to create a plain surface for me to draw the typography on. Finally I added a bit of text around the edges in black Biro and stuck on a picture of a skull I had photocopied.

For this page I first rubbed some brown/orange chalk onto the background to vary the colour slightly and then added a couple of pieces of text that I photocopied from the dictionary. Next I added a hand print using red acrylic paint onto the middle of the page and drew some doodles of veins and lines into the background with black Biro. Finally I added the typography I cut out of red card and stitched into and the photocopied heart potato print. To improve this I would try and make the hand print more visible, as it is currently hard to identify what it is, and also replace the heart potato print with something that fits with the page more.

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