Friday 29 March 2013


For this experiment I used a few different coloured acrylic paints, tissue paper and brown paper the equipment I used was a few different brushes, a craft knife and potato. For the first sheet I tried hand and finger printing, flicking paint onto the page, creating long brush strokes and painting onto tissue to give an extra texture. For the second sheet I tried potato printing, for this I carved a heart shape out of a potato, painted over it and used it as a stamp. I mostly enjoyed the potato printing technique as it was slightly more challenging to create the heart shape so it would come out clearly. To improve on this experiment I would like to try cutting different shapes out of the potato or maybe painting two colours on the potato at a time. I'd consider using this technique within my final zine. 

Maggie Ayres inspired my ideas although her work is a lot more detailed I wanted to try and create some similar blood/wound effects that I could then build on if they worked well. Here is an example of her work:

Out of all the experiments I think the hand print and potato print heart shape were the most effective. 

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