Monday, 11 March 2013

Paper Cuts

I used three different coloured pieces of card to cut out the letters from using a craft knife. I cut the word inside out from the yellow piece of card in big bold lettering and then placed the red piece of card below it. I then drew the letters again slightly smaller than the previous and cut them out. Finally I carried out the same technique with the blue piece of card and layered them on top of each other to create this effect. I really like this technique as it gives a 3D effect to the typography and it looks bright and colourful, To improve on this experiment I could try using lots more layers of card, more intricut details and maybe shapes such as a heart or other body parts. I'd like to use some form of paper cutting within my final zine to add depth and make it more interesting. 

Eva Markova inspired this experiment as she uses different layers of card to cut out different parts. Here is an example of her work:

I feel this idea was very effective and I am happy with the way it turned out. For this technique to be in my final zine I would have to make it relate to my theme.

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