Friday 26 April 2013


My first thoughts on the exam theme were to have the words outside on the outside of the zine, the word inside on the inner pages and then the words in between in the gaps. After thinking about it further I decided I would try and find things that symbolise each word for example making the word outside out of leaves or wood to represent the outside world and creating the word inside out of veins to represent the inside of the human body. From this I created lots of experiments, mood boards and looked at many different ideas on Pinterest and Behance. Eventually I decided I'd look at the inside, outside and inbetween layers of the body for my theme. 

My Zine will all be about the human body with different typography on each page that represent this. The words I plan to use are veins, muscular, skeleton, organs, external and skin. These relate to the theme as they each represent the inside, outside or in between parts of the body. For example the skin would represent the outside, organs- inside and muscular- in between. 

I have used Pinterest and Behance to browse lots of different artist/designers work that relate to the theme of both inside, outside and in between and the human body. I have then created moodboards out of the most inspiring images to me that I can look at during my work to help me. When visiting the two gallery's/exhibitions I took photographs of the work I liked and also drew some of the artwork into my sketchbook to get my own interpretation of it. I also photographed a skeleton from college and a Lamb's heart that I brought from a butchers.

My three initial ideas were to do paper cutting/engineering for things that symbolise the theme, create a mixed media piece based on the human body and digitally made typography. I chose not to develop the digitally made typography idea as nearly all my work throughout graphics so far has been made digitally and I want to try something different to develop my handmade skills. I decided to develop the mixed media idea based on the human body as it has a strong theme which will work well and it will also allow me to create a wide range of typography using different techniques/materials. I began by doing lots of little sketches of things to do with the body such as organs, muscles and bones. From this I decided to try and find which I could use to create typography, my initial ideas for this were veins, bones and muscle as they were the easiest to make into the letter shapes. I also experimented with different zine formations and chose to take the concertina idea forwards to develop my idea. However I had to change this as I needed to add more pages into my zine which would make it too long and fragile. 

Some of the experiments I have tried are paper cutting, stitching, digital, painting, collage and darkroom printing. The digital experiments at the beginning of the project made me realise I wanted to use handmade techniques for my final outcome this time. Also the paper cutting and stitching experiment with the typography and heart inspired a lot of my ideas as I really enjoyed them and liked the effect it had. This made me think more about using different materials and layers to build up the page.  

The artists that have influenced my work are:

Patrick Hickley:

He has inspired me to use lots of fine detail within my work to build up a strong effect and to portray the exam theme and human body theme clearly. 

Lorette Luzajic:

She has inspired me to use lots of layers within my work mixing text and pictures to build up a buzzy feel to the page so the viewer has a lot to look at which will draw them in.

Maggie Ayres:

This piece of work has influenced my work the most, even though I have not used the same materials or techniques, when I was doing my research at the beginning of the project this piece inspired me to use mixed media for my zine. 

For my final piece I will be making a typography zine about the human body, with words on each page that represent different parts of the body such as bones and muscles. It will be mixed media based including techniques such as stitching, painting, layering and drawing. The zine will be made of 7 A5 pages that I will stain with tea as the base colour and 1 acetate sheet for the front cover. To hold the pages together I will be hand stitching them with blue thread. I will be using words, pictures and layers to represent the exam theme of inside outside and in-between. For example the veins and heart represent the inside of the body. The materials I will be using are tracing paper, acetate, thread, pen, paint and card. I will be using stitching techniques similar to Patrick Hickley's to work into my pages and some collage and text influenced by Lorette Luzajic. 

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